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Los Angeles Magazine

Better Than Beach Reads: A Guide to This Summers Buzziest Books

From thrillers to poetry, summer’s biggest books are ready to hit the sand.

Gen Zine: L.A. Teens and Twentysomethings Are Breathing New Life into Indie Publishing

A new wave of digital and print publication is taking cues from forebears with a healthy dose of iGen sensibility

8 New Novels You’ll Find Us Curling Up with This Fall

Sure, life is stranger than fiction at the moment, but a new book is still a great escape

When ICE Threatened International Students with Deportation, Their Peers Sprang into Action

A contingent of current and former UCLA students used social media to connect and create an invaluable resource for vulnerable visa-holders

L.A. Chefs Reveal Their Must-Have Thanksgiving Dinner Dishes

From Vietnamese beef stew to spicy coconut crab, city chefs share the unique dishes they’re grateful to have on their own holiday tables.

The Stanford Daily

‘Licorice pizza’ is crop-full of charm but spotlights problematic relationships

While “Licorice Pizza” has been justly criticized for Paul Thomas Anderson’s more objectionable decisions, it is still an enchanting picture tinted in rosy nostalgia, and Alana Haim and Cooper Hoffman have every reason to take pride in the final product. 

An evening with Jennifer Brea, luminary behind knockout film ‘Unrest’

On Thursday, Oct. 15, Stanford’s Medicine and the Muse hosted a discussion with Jennifer Brea, an academic turned myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) activist and independent filmmaker.

Drugs and daddy issues in ‘The King of Staten Island’

The line between Pete Davidson and his character Scott Carlin is pleasantly thin in Judd Apatow’s latest, “The King of Staten Island.” Davidson’s Scott is charming, bluff and boyish — neither a deviation from Apatow’s palate nor a fresh comedic archetype, but beloved nonetheless. 

In the limelight: ‘High School Musical: The Musical: The Series’ season 2 debut

Ultimately, the show reminds viewers of the immense value of the unique people who surround them: though the show focuses on high school students, its central themes are indiscriminately impactful.

Stanford alumna releases memoir about her creative dating experiment

After breaking things off with an ex-boyfriend who couldn’t seriously commit, Carolyn Arnold set out to find her long-term partner precisely how a seasoned statistician would: by transforming dating into an experiment.

On character projection and risk-taking: An evening with Sebastian Stan

Stan was a true delight, and shared valuable reflections on professional acting and the prescience of MCU’s most recent installment, “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” (TFATWS).

Golden Spike Studios’ sold-out debut screening reveals the labor of love in student film production

Golden Spike Studios is Stanford’s only production company, run entirely by undergraduates.

Taylor Swift’s re-recording of ‘Fearless’ is polished

Swift is a remarkable songwriter, and neither she nor her listeners must identify directly with the content of her stories in order to resonate with the profound emotion that pervades them. 

Relentless time, romance in ‘The Photograph’

The charming drama released on Valentine’s Day embraces its audience with the sweet and simple tenor of Russel Stover’s favorite holiday.

Stanford MINT Magazine

Sporting Your Jacket

Clothing has a unique ability to absorb—the fabric adopts its experience, like songs adopt associations, and allowing someone to deliberately weave in whatever they want requires trust like no other. 

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